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Please consider donating to Music Health Alliance.

this organization is doing incredible work advocating for musician's health, wellness, and financial stability all over the USA.


Music Health Alliance (MHA) offers three primary areas of results driven healthcare services with an emphasis on preventing illness and staying well.


Protect yourself and your family with the most appropriate and affordable health insurance or ways to pay for your healthcare. MHA offers guidance and access to state and federal health insurance options for individuals and/or family members, comprehensive major medical insurance and Medicare supplement options for self-employed individuals and families, those with no group benefit options, and the underinsured (insurance that does not meet one’s specific needs).


Experienced direction to remove barriers and meet your needs is our most valuable area of expertise in healthcare. MHA offers professional guidance and direction through the healthcare system as a personal advocate, educator and navigator to simplify and translate health insurance policies, Medicare, medical bills, health-care reform and other medically related needs.


Connect with the healthcare that you need the most through our proprietary network of resources. MHA offers access to primary care services, dental care and mental health counseling for insured individuals as well as low-cost services for uninsured and low-income music industry professionals nationwide. MHA also offers counsel and access to financial help for prescription medication, medical supply resources and financial assistance for qualifying individuals.

Programs & Services include the following areas:

    • Healthcare Advocacy

    • Individual/Family Health Insurance 

    • Medicare/Senior Care 

    • Group Health Insurance

    • Healthcare Navigation 

    • Mental Health 

    • Dental Resources

    • Vision Resources  

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